Why Whitsunday Provisioning?


Everything about our business, from our packages to our menus and products and the way orders are packed and delivered, reflects our 32 years’ experience in stocking boats and apartments.


We are a one-shop for ALL your provisioning needs.

You place your order online with us and put your feet up! We pack your stores and deliver directly to your mainland apartment, charter company or Ferry Terminal for Hamilton Island and Palm Bay Resort. And We deliver 7 days a week.


For a well fed and carefree holiday, the best, most convenient and simplest way of stocking a vessel or an apartment, is to consider a packaged provisioning option.

Our FULL PACKAGES, include your three main meals, whilst our APARTMENT or PARTIAL packages include all your breakfasts, lunches and two out of three evening meals. They include morning and afternoon teas supported by cake or biscuits as well as fruit, snacks and Pre-dinner Nibbles; All you will need to add are your drinks from the Beverage section to complete your order.

For those 'Foodies' who wish to enhance the presentation and flavour of their Packages, we provide a range of upgrades as well as our "Tastes of the World" spice packs. These are available in our self-select SUPERMARKET section.


Nobody supplies the range of provisioning products that we do. Our packages and easy plan meals cater for all dietary requirements and budgets, we also provide an extensive range of prepared platters, soft and alcoholic beverages and self-select provisioning options products in our Online Supermarket. Using our extensive range of upgrade options,you can add some sparkle to your meals.
(A variety of seafood, meat and spice pack are available).



The time and distance away from convenient shopping and the warm weather of the tropics is one of the most challenging aspects of sourcing fresh provisions for your journey. To combat this, we source and provide only the freshest produce possible and deliver them to you using insulated packaging where necessary. This will help to keep your stores cool and fresh, while waiting to be unpacked by you!

Mid Charter/Holiday Provisioning

For charter and holiday, longer than 7 days, with our Packages we offer an automatic mid-holiday turnaround and we deliver the second half of your order part way through your holiday – ensuring your supplies are fresh for the full duration of the trip! For Self-Select and Easy Plan meals we need a second order to be placed for an extended holiday period.


There is a lot to be said for using local knowledge and experience. The freshest of produce is specially selected to last for an extended period. When you factor in your peace of mind, convenience and guaranteed customer satisfaction, we offer genuine value for money. Don't let the risk and hassle of stocking your boat or your apartment spoil your holiday.