Our packages are designed to get it right.

Ease and convenience make our packages the most popular method of catering. They have been designed to provide the perfect balance with appetizing meals, using the freshest of produce and supplying the right quantities for your entire holiday.... while still accommodating for different budgets, tastes, and requirements.

There are a number of differently priced packages to choose from. They range from our 3 Day Gourmet Diamond Package that includes a complimentary bottle of Australian Chandon Vintage Brut sparkling wine through to our Silver packages. – all come with the option to add-on or upgrade with spicy ‘Taste Packs’ or specific items to better suit your individual needs.

We cater for young children with our Kids Pack – an add-on - designed to work with all three packages and keep children aged 2-8, happy and well fed.

Partial provisioning

If you plan to prepare all your meals or do not intend eating at restaurants on some nights, you will need full provisioning. However, should you wish to dine at one or more of the resort restaurants or islands, you can select an Partial package where you receive two dinners for each three days of your holiday.

Special dietary requirements, requests and occasions.

We cater for all dietary requirements and special requests (including birthdays, engagements and anniversaries). We do ask though, that you give us advance notice so that we can order the items in that you require (some items are not readily available in North Queensland).

All special requests should be entered into the "Special Requirements" text box on your order form.

Please note: birthday cakes are not available for Hamilton Island deliveries due to transportation difficulties.