Kids Meals

Kids Meals

Holiday catering for your young travellers can sometimes be challenging. 

We understand that every child is different and can at times have strong opinions about what they will or won’t eat!  We also appreciate that while you are on holidays you may allow your children to eat foods that they wouldn’t normally eat at home.

Whitsunday Provisioning provides options for you to cater for your young travellers:

  • Packages – if your children eat the same meals as you do, then ordering a Package for your entire family makes life easy.  Depending on how much they eat, you may cater for each child as one adult or treat two children as one adult.  Alternatively, you could order a Package for the adult sized-eaters on-board, and add extra meals via Easy Plan Meals or specific products via the Supermarket;
  • Easy Plan Meals – we have created a 'Kids Snack Pack' and a few simple ‘Kid Friendly’ meals that could be eaten for either lunch or dinner.  Otherwise choose any of the Easy Plan Meals that appeal to your young travellers;
  • Supermarket – we have created a ‘Kid Friendly’ list of items, to assist in selecting specific items that your children may like to eat, but you have the ability to select from the full supermarket list.   
Please email or phone us if you need any assistance.


The sample menu below provides some ideas that may assist in planning your young traveller meals.

DAY 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Breakfast Cereal and milk. Juice? Toast with jams/spreads Pancakes with fruit and honey Yoghurt and cereal Eggs and toast Bagel with avocado Bacon and eggs with toast
Lunch Ham and cheese  sandwiches Quiche and salad Cold BBQ chicken roll 2 minute noodles Croissant with ham Party pies with tomato sauce Hot dogs with tomato sauce
Dinner Chicken or lamb kebabs Grilled sausages Fish fingers Hamburgers Lamb chops Spaghetti bolognaise Chicken nuggets


Everything included. No more to do until your holiday - so put your feet up!

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Easy Plan Meals

Choose your preferred meals. Either self prepare or 'Heat & Eat'

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Select your own provisions

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