Louise & Family (Holidayed at Hamilton Island)

Thank you. We enjoyed all of our provisions and the quality of the food was excellent. Will be sure to use your services in the future.

Juanita & Lawrence (Holidayed at Palm Bay Resort)

We would like to thank you for our provisions. They were of great quality! Have a great Christmas and New Year and hope to come back up there again some time.

Neil & Family (Holidayed at Hamilton Island)

We were a group of 16 adults and children spending Christmas on Hamilton Island for 5 days and we couldn’t have been more satisfied with your amazing quality of food delivered to us. So we just have to thank you for providing us with high quality service and we are hoping we will in the future come back to Australia as we loved every minute of our time there. Best regards to all!!

Louise & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'It's All About Me')

I just want to say a big thank you for the excellent service I received from your company. The cake you organised was AMAZING!! Just perfect. The food order was great quality and spot on other than my mistake of over ordering by mistake on the tonic!! Thank you so much. Louise

Richard & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Avanti')

You guys did a great job! Thanks very much. Your Mangos were extraordinary.

Christiane & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Angelique')

We had a fabulous time aboard the ‘Angelique’, thank you very much for asking. The provisions we ordered from you were great! The fresh produce was truly fresh and the quality of meat, chicken and fish was excellent. I really got the impression that you chose the produce carefully. If there was one thing that I feel could be improved then I would say to please use less plastic wrapping and packaging where possible. Thank you for a great service, it made the holiday so much easier!

Jason & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Carma')

This was the first time our group has ever relied upon anyone else to prepare food for our holidays, and I must say we will gladly do it again if we come up north next time. The delivery was on schedule and the food was just perfect. So convenient! No way we would have had time to do the shop ourselves with everything else that was happening. Cheers and thanks again, it really was a great service.

Maureen & Crew (Returned again and sailed aboard 'Pirate Pete')

Thank you. The food and service was again fantastic. 

Werdiger group (Holidayed at Hamilton Island)

Dear Lorna & Katie. Just wanted to write a quick thank you note for your extra special service and care. Thank you very much for going above and beyond to assist the Hamilton Island stay. Everything went very well.

Rhonda & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Point of Sail')

Just wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed all the provisions you supplied for our order. We found it fed us more than adequately and we really appreciated all the personal touches - the fruit cake, the after dinner mints, biscuits and assorted treats. The main entrees were filling and tasty and we made good use of them all. All agreed everything was excellent, right down to the spices and herbs provided. Well done!! and many thanks.

Anna (Holidayed at Palm Bay Resort)

Thank you, everything was so perfect and delicious.

Mike & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Kajura')

Thanks very much guys. Now been back in the UK for a few weeks and will continue to tell stories (/ bore) my friends about the Whitsundays for months to come. The provisioning you guys did was second to none. Thanks again.   

Chris & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Georgina')

Awesome holiday with fabulous food! Thanks - you guys were great! 

Katrina & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Sweet Escape')

We gave your business a good wrap on the testimonial page of Whitsunday Escape

Omnicom MediaGroup (returned to sail the Whitsundays)

Everything was fantastic! Thank you so much for your help and making sure everything was perfect. Thanks again - until next year!

Katrina (Holidayed in the Whitsundays at Hamilton Island)

Thank you. The order arrived still cold and frozen. Excellent quality and quantities. Looks good. Many thanks for your amazing service.

Fiona & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Happy Hour')

The food was amazing we would definitely recommend your service. Thank you. 

Fiona & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Happy Hour')

Thank you so much for your fantastic service. Food was delicious and the right amount. The quality exceptional. Would def use this service again.

Kathryn & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Regina')

We recently used your company to provision our boat and we loved all of the food you provided.

Greg & Crew (Returned again sailed aboard 'Happy Hour')

Having just returned to ‘sunny’ Melbourne after another 3 beautiful weeks on the Whitsundays, it would be remiss of me not to make contact re the provisioning. Simply outstanding in delivery, packing, variety, freshness and quantities – perfect. Our traditional first-night Prawns were again delicious, all of the meat/chicken/fish was great on the barby, really enjoyed the wraps with cold meat/salad for an easy lunch, the crew (and I…) appreciated your arranging the variations requested, having your/Sunsail esky on the stern was very convenient. Really nothing went to waste!! We are booked again with Sunsail for Sept 2020 so talk to you then.

Graham & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Reflection')

Hi Katie & Lorna, On behalf of all passengers and crew (that is, all 3 of us) on the good yacht Reflection, many thanks for your excellent provisioning for our recent cruise of the Whitsundays. We were all most impressed with the quality of the provisioning and the thought you had given to the suggested daily menus, which were a triumph (notwithstanding our limited culinary skills). We will certainly be back in contact when we have the opportunity to return and are very pleased to recommend your services to others planning a cruise. With best wishes, Graham.

Kylie & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Waterman')

As usual, EXCELLENT service.

Jan & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Angelique')

Hi Katie. We were all very happy with the food that you provided for us and we would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to you and your team. We appreciate all your hard work and communication with us - you were very understanding with our order and took time and effort to get it right for us. The reprovisioning at Hamilton Island worked out very well too - thanks. We will be going again next year, so look forward to having some more of your food then! Will be in touch. Many thanks again from us all, Jan.

Peter, Mark & Bob (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Rhythm')

To the team at Whitsunday Provisioning. We have used your Provisioning three times now for our charters over the years. The Gold Package was more than adequate for us. We also found your daily meal planner great as it helped us use the food better. Don't fix something that's not broken here. We will be sure to continue to use your great service next time we hire with Sunsail. All the best from the crew at Rhythm.

Shaun & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Karma')

Thank you for your email and my apologies for the delay in responding to your request for feedback. The result of dealing with the inevitable depression triggered by the return to work. It's fair to say that my experience with provisioning on other sailing holidays has been disappointing so for this one I took a minimalist approach. But my concerns were unfounded as you had delivered everything I ordered and it was good quality and met my expectations for good provisioning and on time. As a result we were very satisfied with the provisioning and I would to take the opportunity to thank you for delivering it to the yacht in time for our holiday. I have already recommended you and will continue to do so should people ask me. The next time I go to the Whitsundays I'll be sure to request your services again. Thank you.

Jeff & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Rakusu')

We had a great holiday in the Whitsundays and were very impressed with the selection and quality of food you provided. You had thought of everything, the food was great quality and more than enough to keep us well fed for 7 days. Thank you for a great service. Jeff

Mark & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Highland Fling')

Thanks for your email. We had a wonderful holiday thanks in no small part to your excellent food! It was marvellous and we were very impressed. We would have no hesitation in recommending Whitsunday Provisioning to anyone.

Kent & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Lunasea')

Thanks, the food was great, especially the fruit cake.

Hendrik & Lana (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Shearwater')

Thanks for the wonderful service on our recent trip. The food was amazing and we loved all the fresh veggies. Your service and quality is amazing and we will definitely make use of your service again next time.

Annette & Crew (Saild the Whitsundays aboard 'Tiger Blue')

Everything was great. The extra touch of chocolates and apple pie - fabulous. We like more vegs than was supplied. All the other food portions were spot on. The seafood platter was amazing! Thank you.

Sarah & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Rhythm')

We had the most wonderful holiday in the Whitsundays, and your provisioning was perfect – it made it so easy for us, and the food was great, we thoroughly enjoyed it all! Thank you.

Corinne (Holidayed at Palm Bay Resort)

It was the best! Thanks

Pablo & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Carma Mia')

Fantastic service, thank you.

Joshua (Holidayed at Palm Bay Resort)

The provisions have been absolutely amazing! There is so much food and it all tastes incredible! Thank you so much for making our holiday memorable.

Alan & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Divocean')

You provisioned our trip on "Divocean" from 24 June 2019 to 1 July. Your service was fantastic and the quality and quantity of the food was brilliant. A really big thank you to you guys for adding significantly to our enjoyment of the trip. Will definitely use you next time!

Marlene & Family (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Reflections')

Dear Katie, I have returned to land again today after a three day charter with my family and thought that I would email you as soon as possible regarding the boat provisioning on Charter Yacht Australias yacht Reflections. We arrived at the marina on Friday 17th May to find the food delivered and stowed away. We were all impressed with the food provided and the presentation of the fruit package placed in the yacht. Every day was an exciting food adventure and a perfect amount had been provided for each meal. Instead of ordering childrens provisioning I had decided that two children would equal one adult and that worked perfectly. Having all the condiments, sauces, treats, nibbles, oils etc was great and I am sure we would have forgotten something if left to our own devices. Thank you and the rest of your staff for such an amazing food experience. The quality and amount was perfect and we would recommend any future charterers to use your service.

Nancy, Rex & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Destiny')

Hello fabulous Whitsunday Provisioning crew! Whitsunday Provisioning did a most amazing job! We ate like Kings (and Queens)! Everything was delicious and simple to prepare. The fruit and vegetables were wonderfully fresh. The meat and eggs were great. We did innovate a bit. We had prawns alfredo (used the pancake mix in making the sauce). Had French toast one day. Our only complaint was that there was way too much food. Your flexibility in provisioning for the second week was most appreciated!

Lauren & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Don Gato')

Food was absolutely amazing - we ate like Kings the whole time - thank you!

Kathy & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Highland Fling')

Thank you for the great service and the seafood was top quality.

Joe & Crew (sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Karma')

Hi Katie, Just wanted to say thanks for all the food you provided. Everyone on board was very impressed with the quantity and quality, and the convenience of having everything bought, prepared and delivered was fantastic. Everything worked like clockwork, and made our holiday so much easier. Best wishes.

Peter & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Gigi')

Thanks so much to the team at WhitProv! The order was delivered perfectly and the quality of the produce was terrific. We have used WhitProv several times over the years and hope we get an opportunity to place another order again with you soon.

Ash, Deb & Crew (Explored the Whitsundays aboard 'Dream On')

Hi Everyone! Deb and I were thoroughly delighted with the quality of all of your produce, thank you! We were however a little taken aback by the sheer size of your lettuce and cabbage heads, they’re enormous! Cheers, and you'll hear from us next year!

Miranda and family (Holidayed on Hamilton island)

Hi folks. We were thrilled with the service from Whitsunday Provisioning. It made our arrival so easy and the quality of the food was excellent. We would definitely use the service again, even though there is now the large IGA on Hamilton Island, it was so much easier doing it through you guys. Thank you!

Natasha MV North West (Private vessel departing out of Hamilton Island)

Dear Allan, Thanks again for all your work in making my husband's solo hosting experience a terrific success on North West. I cannot give personal feedback (as I wasn't on board for the charter), but I have quizzed him...Nigel said the delivery all worked beautifully. The launch arrived on time, and they provided a trolley, and the men loaded what looked like an enormous amount of food onto the boat. The esky bags kept things nice and cold. The food was all fresh and very tasty. On the first night they ate appetizers, dips etc, and then one of the trays or prawns and crabs, leaving a second platter for the next day. They said those platters worked extremely well and were delicious. And as you said the fruit platters got eaten for breakfasts. On the 2nd night the beef they did on the BBQ, again delicious. They said the breakfasts and lunches were all great. There seems to be some desserts still in the freezer. The kids and I will make quick work of them. So once again thanks for the catering.

Sandra & Crew (Explored the Whitsundays aboard the 'Queen Marie')

Thank you so much for your fantastic food and service. We ordered the platinum package for 8 people for 4 days. The quality of food was outstanding and I thought we would never get through it all. It saved us time and you know exactly what food was needed for four days. Once again I would highly recommend your company. Thank you.

Mel & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Georgina')

We had a spectacular holiday, and our food order was wonderful thank you. Everything was delivered perfectly and we managed to make our food last for the six nights. Our son has a nut allergy, and your team was helpful before we left by checking to ensure some of our food items were nut free. We will contact you again if we are lucky enough to sail the Whitsundays in the future! Thank you.

Eileen & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Zoom')

We were very impressed with the provisions we received. The portions were very generous. The platter of fresh fruit was excellent, as was the quality of the meat and fish. The meal suggestions were really helpful, and I liked the way the provisions allowed us to be flexible around the menu choices. There were lots of store cupboard items which came in very useful. As everything could be barbequed it meant that my husband could do the cooking!! We had a fantastic time, Many thanks.

John & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Sirocco')

I have absolute praise for your service, and the quality & quantity of your provisions

Greame & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard Rakusu')

We had provisioning for 8 days and the quality of the food was outstanding. One of our friends that sailed with us is a chef and he was extremely impressed with the freshness and standard of the produce. The steaks were thick, the fish was as if it had been caught the same day as eating it and the vegetables and salad items were crisp and tasty. All food was beyond supermarket standard. We will certainly use Whitsunday Provisioning on our next sailing trip.

Rennie & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Mischief')

Hey Guys and Gals. We had a fantastic time and the food was bloody awesome. We are from the Tasman District in NZ, top of the South Island, in the Nelson Province, and have some special produce too, that we as a region are proud of. So you've been judged by the best and you get a big thumbs up. If you get a chance, come and have a 'Taste of Tasman' Cheers.

Andrew & the Sea Fox crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Seafox')

We were very impressed with the quality and variety of provisioning on our trip. The quantity of food was more than adequate and we still had a lot of dry goods left over at the end of our trip. We will use your services again next year and we will recommend you to our friends in the future.

Annette (Holidayed at Palm Bay Resort)

Using Whitsunday Provisioning made our long weekend so much easier by ordering online & having it delivered to Palm Bay!

Maureen, Rex & Crew (sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Due West')

We cannot praise you enough for the provisioning you provided on our last sailing trip in July/August. The food was the best quality, well packed, and all fruit and vegetables fresh. We have been on quite a few sailing trips in the Whitsundays so we did have a comparison. Thank you and well done.

Alan and a very Happy Crew! (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Lucy')

Katie & Allan, Our sailing trip is over....we're so glad we booked all our provisions with you guys! Perfect service! Thanks again for being part of the reason this was one our best holidays in a long while. We'll definitely be recommending you guys to anyone we know traveling up to Airlie for a sailing trip!

Laurie & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Point Of Sail')

Your services were outstanding! Thank you, thank you. All the food you provided was fab and the selection great. We ate like kings (maybe that's why its the gold selection) for the whole time we were on our boat and even managed to have some left for our trip to Port Douglas...You think of everything and more. If we ever come back I wouldn't think of using anyone else and would recommend you to anyone. 5 * service all around!

Maree, John & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Double Play')

We very much appreciated the opportunity to customise our food order at your premises a couple of days prior to the Charter, such that we could cater to the various dietary preferences of the eight of us. The customised seafood package you prepared was superb and did us for two days, I think this was the third time we have had you prepare our food in the last 15 years and you only get better each time.

Dave & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Ruby Sunday')

Our holiday in July was everything we were looking for. The provisions you and your people provided were excellent, everybody in our group was more than happy with the quality, freshness and quantity. Having a variety of good food was a big part of making the holiday great. We would definitely use WP again and recommend to friends without hesitation.

Rob & Crew (Explored the Whitsundays aboard 'Queen Marie')

We had an 8 person Platinum package over 4 days. It was absolutely beautiful food and plentiful. We toyed with buying our own food but after this experience we would use Whitsunday Provisioning every time without fail.

Arthur James (Yachting adventure aboard 'Trinity Reign')

Thank you so much for your email and reminder of a great get-away. Your great provisioning made all the difference particularly for two guys under time pressure, James particularly liked the apple pies and cooking the breakfasts. Everything was great and we hope to one day return hopefully for a little longer.

Sue & Stephen and Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard Portland Roads)

The whole experience was outstanding! My GF was almost perfect, the only thing missing was my pasta but I can live with that! If anything, we had too much food! The whole 7 of us agreed, we would highly recommend you to friends & family! We absolutely loved your part of the world!

The Stacey Gang (Holidayed on Hamilton Island)

Thanks gang, the provisioning was perfect, I have a fabulous butcher in Sydney I use...and your steaks were every bit as good as his. Job well done!

Kevin & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Rockstar')

We have just returned from a fully catered 7 night cruise for a couple on Rockstar with Charter Yachts Australia. We had the Gold Package and it was everything we wanted or needed. The Platinum package must be something really special. Let me say you won’t ever go hungry when you are being fed by Whitsunday Provisioning! We initially considered doing our own catering but decided to go with Whitsunday Provisioning and are we glad we did! The website works incredibly well and all the options are well laid out and clear. The ordering is simple and just like magic it appears at dockside on the day of departure. The only thing they don’t do is stack it on board for you. If we come back it will be Whitsunday Prosioning without a second thought!

Jenn & John (Holidayed on Hamilton Island)

We were pleased with the assistance we received all in all the provisioning was very well organised.

Peter & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Point Of Sail')

We chose the Gold Package and the food was superb. There was more than enough and there was also a really nice range of alternatives. It was like having a great surprise each meal. I also had some problems with over ordering by mistake and Cyclone Iris also created issues - Whitsunday Provisioning were incredibly accomodating and professional. We will be back and will certainly use this service again. Thanks Allan, Katie and team!

Mel & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Karma'

The service you provided was excellent. Arriving at the boat late afternoon and finding everything we needed there and waiting especially as there is nowhere to eat in the Shute Harbour area was great. We were then able to set sail as soon as the briefing was over the next morning thereby maximizing our one-week charter. Thank you for an excellent service.

Crawford & Emma (Holidayed in the Whitsundays at the beautiful Palm Bay Resort)

Thanks for doing all of that for us, it really took the edge of our timetable. We'd been travelling a lot from Scotland and visiting family around Australia, so a break in the Whitsundays was needed. The food and service were superb. Food was sitting there for us, quality was excellent, plenty of food too for just the two of us (no way we were gonna starve!) Loved it, loved it, loved it. All the best and we'll recommend you to anyone we can who's heading in your direction.

Anslem & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Two Keel A')

Thank you for your email. We had a fantastic time on the boat. Thank you for organizing our food. We definitely did not go hungry. My kid loves the commentary mint chocolate you provided us.

Carmen, Matt & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Regina')

The provisioning service that you provided for our charter was exceptional and we would like to thank you for the quality and quantity of fantastic food choices.

Christopher and Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Rhythm')

We had a good break and will be back for sure. The catering arrangement suited us perfectly and was impeccable as was your advice beforehand appreciated.

Brigid (Family & Friends staying on Hamilton Island)

We ordered custom seafood platters for Christmas Day and they were wonderful - so fresh and just what we asked for. The service was excellent and they really helped get us just what we wanted - nothing was too much trouble. Definitely would use them again.

Luisa & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Rinaldo', 'Cats Whiskers', 'Miss Devereaux' & 'L'Avant')

If you're considering a sailing holiday in the Whitsundays, get WhitProv to provide the food for you. The crew at WhitProv are great to work with, they know what foods work on sailing trips and they will do their best to make sure everything is how you like it. I worked with the team on a very complicated order this year and I was blown away by how everything just worked - the food arrived before the expected delivery time, all in labelled boxes, and delivered to the wharf next to our sailing boats. I'm looking forward to working with Whitsunday Provisioning again soon.

Nikki & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Yaminda')

We recently returned to snowy England and temperatures of 3 degrees after a marvellous week at the Whitsunday Islands. Thank you so much for making the food and drink provisioning so easy. The selection of local produce, fruit, vegetables, meat and fish was fantastic. We could not believe the attention to detail with some of the items - flour, dressings, cream, juice and pasta. After taking a look in the boxes I quickly took the role of "chalet girl", explored the BBQ cooker and turned ingredients into magical meals for the family. If only we lived a bit closer we would be chartering a yacht every year and using your facilities to enable us to enjoy every aspect of the holiday - thank you.

Benjamin and Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays with WE).

A huge thank you for the service that was provided by Whitsunday Provisioning. Such amazing food and service! We were very pleasantly surprised with how seamless the process was from ordering to arriving on the yacht with our food and beverages delivered on board ready for our departure. We cant wait for our next sailing adventure and will no doubt have Whitsunday Provisioning cater for our entire trip. Thank you for your contribution to what was, the most amazing holiday experience we have had to date.

Bridgit & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Tiger Lilly')

A big thank you. I had no idea how fantastic this service would be and we are so so so pleased that we agreed to use you. It took the thinking out of our day so that we could just relax. Everything (and I mean everything) was there at our finger tips. All we had to do is follow your detailed menu. There was not a thing you had over looked. When I think of the amount of time it would have taken us to plan our menu (for 7 days) then go and purchase everything, it would have been far more expensive (and there is no way I would have gone to the level of detail that you guys did). So having you guys do it (offering all the different options on your website) was far more cost effective (even though it felt expensive at the time).

Brenda & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Sea Dragon'

All I can say is Thank You. My son arranged the holiday with Whitsundays Escape and they recommend you. What a wonderful package we received from fish, steaks even down to salt & pepper, mayo and a cheesecake & cream. The fruit platter was also great! A big thank you so much.

Karen & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Vela Perfecta')

Just a note to thank you for the sensational job you did provisioning 'Vela Perfecta' for us from the 9-16 October. We had the most wonderful holiday and enjoyed the meals thoroughly! As Allan advised, the locally grown salad mix was delicious and kept remarkably well, and was enjoyed until the last day. Our group all commented on the high quality of the produce you source and the generous quantities supplied. Even the addition of cucumbers (FOC) to accompany the Hendricks gin...we couldn't have wished for anything more! Nature provided perfect weather and sailing conditions, dolphins, turtles...see you again next year!

Maureen & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Double Play')

The food provided was exceptional and I would certainly use this service next time we sail. I would certainly recommend your company to others.

Rod & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Island Drifter')

Was great to have the catering provided by yourselves. This is the 3rd time I have had a hire boat on the Whitsundays.The first time we shopped and it was a waste of almost a day and food everywhere not packed nicely like you do. We used you guys the 2nd time 10 years ago, and it was a breeze that's why I used you again - will definitely use you again - makes it so much easier.

Hilkka & Sol (Holidayed in the Whitsundays at the beautiful Palm Bay Resort)

We wanted to thank you very much for the week's provisions that we received. My husband & I discussed food in great detail as this was going to be a significant holiday expense, however, when you consider dining for a week at another resort, it was obviously much better value. What impressed us both so much was the quantity & quality of all the food that was packed. It was so fresh, delicious & we had ample. The prawn & tropical fruit platter on our first night was a delight & so fresh too! We did not have to think or worry about food at all the whole week. The meal plan made deciding what to eat so much easier and more carefree; which is what you want on holidays. We noticed how so many products were locally sourced & appreciated being able to taste the best produce from Queensland! By the end of the week my husband was an absolute convert & could not praise your company enough!

Kym (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Mary Ann')

We had a fantastic week on Mary Ann thank you! While we only ordered our meat through Whitsunday Provisioning it was one less detail we had to worry about. It was a pleasant surprise to have our eski on the table waiting for us when we boarded. The produce was fresh and of the best quality. Thank you for helping to make our Whitsunday Adventure such an amazing time.

Lisa & Mark (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Aquila Sunrise')

We would all like to thank you for supplying the beautiful food for our amazing holiday. Could not fault any of it, well packaged and very fresh. Thank you again.

Mark & Kerrie (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard ' Kick n Back')

We want to thank you for the wonderful job that you did in provisioning Kick n Back for us. The quality and variety of the food provided was excellent. It was simply yummy. Your attention to detail, even down to the washing up gloves and garbage bags was outstanding. We are already planning our next trip and will certainly be asking you to cater for us again.

Gail (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Beyond the Blue')

Very happy and thought the quality was great. We would recommend you to anybody in the future.

Iain & Crew (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Little One')

We had a fabulous holiday in the Whitsundays, not the least of which was the provisioning which was just what we needed, as we didn't have to think about food, it was all there.

Annie & John (Sailed the Whitsundays aboard 'Whitsunday Dreaming')

We loved the seafood and fruit platters we ordered from you! All devoured with great relish by our group. The seafood all eaten the first night as planned but we were able to refrigerate some of the fruit to savour on the next few days. It kept beautifully - you could tell it was freshly prepared - and was a great treat for breakfast and snacks. Kept the scurvy away!!! Will recommend your platters to any future sailors we know as we are busy talking up the Whitsundays as a sunny, warm, relaxing retreat from cold Melbourne winters!


Great hassle free service - and at short notice too! Thanks a lot


Great service at short notice! We struggled to keep so much fresh produce as our fridge was playing up - and for only 2 we sure had a LOT of/too much fruit! But overall it was great and hassle free. We had a fair bit leftover - even though we only went ashore for dinner once! The coral trout was delicious!


Thought the service was excellent - pricing reasonable given the location on Hamilton


Easy ordering process. The food was fresh and able to adjust the menu for one vegetarian in the mix.


Great provisioning- probably more than we needed! Good choice of food- well delivered and re-stocked Provisioning was included as ordered. Everything was onboard and refrigerated properly when we arrived. Produce and meat were fresh and of good quality. Great job.


Food was exactly what we ordered, was very fresh and kept fresh in cold packs when necessary. It was handy to have the first few days food available right away.


Extremely happy with good selection, variety and freshness.


I had not chartered in the Whitsundays for 10 years but coming back to thus area was a delight. I remember the Airlie Birds and Whitsunday Procisioning lived up to the high standards that they had set.


Good quality food. Burgers appeared to be heavily processed food but otherwise very pleasing


We had an excellent experience. All food we ordered was delivered and arrived on time. The collection point had easy access and all our parcels were clearly labelled.


Food was so fresh and portions very generous Great price and prompt service


The service was excellent. All worked well.


We were very satisfied with the provisioning provided - plenty of food to prepare the varied menu suggestions. We would certainly use Whitsunday Provisioning in the future.


Excellent service, quality items and well packed. Easy to use website and fast communication. Cannot fault the experience.


Everything requested was supplied and all produce was fresh and lasted well for the trip.


Great service, excellent quality goods and a number of extras that were over and above! Highly recommended


The food was excellent. We really enjoyed the prawn and bug tray on Christmas Eve. It was quite convenient to get off the plane and ferry to the resort without having to worry about having provisions over the holidays.


In general everything was good. The quality of the meat and veg was fine except for the basil that got a bit of frostbite. Everything we ordered turned up as well.


Very pleased. The provisions went beyond our expectations. Plenty of great quality food. The vegetables, in particular, were tasteful, crisp and fresh.


Great service as always


Really well packaged, delivered on time, great communication, would definitely use again next visit!


Delivery was on time. No problem. Ordering easy


Thank you for all the wonderful food! It's a great feast and I loved the crab and shrimp & the fruit platter!!!


Super convenient, nice quality local produce,


Very well organised into portion sizes, sealed and frozen where appropriate. Automates the meal planning process so you can focus on relaxation.


The range and quality of the food was outstanding.


Outstanding service, great fresh fruit and veggies, very easy!


Overall extremely happy with variety & fresh produce. Would definitely use you again! Cheers


Perfect. Everything exceeded our expectations!


. The content surprised us positively an although we expected that we would not be able to finish it all, we succeded reasonably well.


Food was plentiful and wholesome.


All food delivered as requested, Food of good quality.

James and Tara

I just wanted to express our satisfaction in the amount of food and the fantastic quality of food provided. Everything was spot on, absolutely no complaints - fresh and top quality. We would without a doubt use Whit Prov for our next bare boat charter.


Whitsunday provisioning supplied us with everything we needed for a stress free holiday at a very reasonable price. Everything you would expect was included and even more. Serving sizes were very generous as were snacks. We actually took quite a lot home with us. Thank you for making our holiday with 10 adults and a baby smooth sailing!


First time users of a provisioning company so didn't have to make lists and struggle to keep everything cool apart from shopping. For a large group like ours it was a stress free experience and would use again and recommend.


Very good


Really great provisioning. Treats for everyone and all the basics. Special requirements well handled too. Well done!


Provisioning was great, as it has been in the past.. We had plenty to eat, would have preferred more salad like greens, but that is personal.


Quality of food was excellent. Our only observation would be the quantity of the dry goods. We had a lot of left over supplies and I was concerned that a lot of it would be thrown out. I now no that this is not the case, but the size and variety of sauces, tea bags, coffee etc. for only 7 days was probably too generous. I'm not complaining, as we thought the variety of foods fantastic.


I was very happy with the service , food and my partner loved the seafood platter


Excellent service, food was great and plenty to eat. The partial order was great as it allowed us to dine out on a few days without our order going to waste.


Meat was first class.


Quality of Food was excellent and you were really flexible: extra person for half of our week and I appreciated being able to substitute one of our main meals. Fruit basket was well received and lots of extras thrown in (although the serving sizes were substantial so we didn't really get in to many extras like the baked beans!


It was easy, good customer service and the meat I ordered was beautiful


I felt the the provisioning service was very good. The produce was very fresh (hence lasting the 5 days) and arrived extremely well packed. Thank you.


We have never sailed for a week or needed to plan for a trip like this before, and to have all the meals planned and delivered was the best thing. All the food was delicious and simple to prepare. This made it still feel like a holiday for me as I didn't have to do the shopping or plan the amount of food required. Everything was there ready to go and there was plenty to eat. Thank you!


food and service was excellant


Your website and ordering is very easy and efficient. The food was super fresh, family friendly, easy to prepare and complementing the cooking equipment on the boat. Ordering food this way took out another big job for the adults and we could all relax and enjoy the holiday. We also had more than enough to eat which was nice with five children!


The food was delicious and there was plenty of it.


Great delivery - it was relief to have some delivery sorted before we arrived for ten days


Very good no fuss ordering system, it was virtually impossible to deal with the Coles website, with their passwords etc. Your goods were marginally more costly and you do not actually deliver to door on Hamilton Is. However, I was very satisfied with the service and knew exactly when the order would arrive, this was more convenient to me. I was very happy with the quality of fresh goods received, Thank you.


There was ample food of high quality, great variety and lots of snacks for our week on the boat as a family of 5.


Very pleased with the service. Items were delivered when scheduled and the quality of food and portions exceeded expectations.


I thought the whole transition from ordering to collecting was very efficient. A few items were a little overpriced but I'm sure that is the norm for the island.


The provisioning was very efficient, convenient and of a good standard. Being just 2 on board we had more than enough of everything.


Overall, it was a great amount of food, and we found the menu's extremely helpful.


The quality of the food was first rate and restaurant quality. The serving sizes were huge and no none was leff wanting at the end of our meals. The package services were just perfect, everything thought through and made our life so easy. Will definitely use again.


The Provisioning Food was brilliant. There was plenty of food for everyone's taste with loads of fresh fruit and vegetables.


We were so pleased with all of the food we received! There was WAY more than we were anticipating - it was definitely great value for money.


We ordered the prawn + fruit platter with a bottle of sparkling and were blown away - they were presented so beautifully and were absolutely delicious!


Great food was delivered. A bit expensive however we factored that into the holiday


It was an excellent service- There was more than enough food and we had to work hard to eat it all.


Really great! At first I thought the price was a bit steep, but when I got there and realized just how much food there was I was very happy. Easy to use website, quick email responses and it was all waiting and correctly labeled when we arrived at Palm Bay. Very good service.


Food was fantastic. Everything fresh and ready to go upon our arrival. Will definitely purchase our food again next time we're in the Whitsundays.


Our food arrived in a timely manner and was most plentiful and delicious! All needs had been thought of. The experience was professional and friendly from start to finish!


Incredible service, as we had to postpone delivery by 24hrs. Contact was made quickly, delivery date changed, nothing was a problem, very efficient. Have since highly recommended to friends and others who are travelling to Whitsundays.


More than enough food -great thanks.


We ordered provisioning for 8 days for 6 people and found the variety of beverages, food and snacks fantastic. All 6 crew members commented how good the provisioning was and found the cost acceptable.


This is a fantastic option given the Island was self catering and the delivery was seamless. The only drawback was all the meat/fish was frozen and not edible the night of arrival.


Good range of food, with a useful day-planning concept on the website. Steaks and seafood were particularly good.


Again an excellent choice, the fresh food was beautiful just picked, the baked goods fantastic and the frozen goods packaged perfectly. Nothing wasted on a 7 day charter.


Good, didn't expect the meat to be frozen, as I wanted to eat it at 6pm and arrived on the vessel at 3pm. But quality was excellent


Overall food provided was very good and plentiful, and gave a good variety for meals and snacks.


Food supplied was plentiful and gave a good variety


We were so thrilled with the service and food! The web form was a bit troublesome with multiplying amounts but it managed to work in the end! Thanks so much!


Quality of meats and seafood was fabulous. Also products from the local bakery were excellent. Very happy overall.


Overall we were happy. Good quality ingredients and generous amounts apart from one thing - not enough vegetables.


No complaints.Good quality food- plentiful size servings and good menu selection.


Food was superb: great range, great quality, easy to prepare, easy to present as flavourful, fresh - gourmet when you add our brilliant culinary skills! The only thing missing was some quality vinegar (aged or balsamic or both). Everything else was thought of. Cheeses and antipasto were excellent and appropriate for the boat.


We were extremely happy with your company. You delivered on a weekend...Yay! You managed to put our order together in under 24 hours, and their was no problem with this. The produce was extremely fresh and of a very good quality and packed really well.


We were really impressed with how everything was packaged and sent over for us.


The food was exceptional . Fresh and tasty.


This is the 2nd time this year we have used your service. I love how reliable your service is, no problem ordering the day before we arrive. Very easy website to navigate and order through, wonderful communication as to when our groceries would arrive. Both times everything was perfectly packed, meat was extremely tender, fruit and vegetables very fresh and to an extremely high standard.


Very good. We were catered for well, as we don't eat red meat and the meals provided reflected this.


Great service. Good quality food and generous quantities.


The food was fresh and high standard. It was packed beautifully and to have that all done before you get on the boat was great.


The special effort that was made to get the exact beer we wanted was greatly appreciated. I am sure it wasn't easy to find. Thanks!!!!!


Food was of the highest quality and reasonably priced for the area.


Excellent service would have liked to use you for all supplies


Great produce fresh fruit and vegetables ..nicest meat we've had in a long time....we all wished we had ordered more!


Very easy, huge amount of food


Communication, quality and delivery was all exceptional.


We were somewhat surprised at the volume of food and the amount of space it took to store on board, however everything we received was as described, fresh, well packed and very tasty.


Our party of 7 really enjoyed the quality of the food provided, especially the meats. The fruit platters were popular too.


There was plenty of food! Did not have to worry about running out. The food was also fresh and delicious - can't fault it.


Arrived on time, as instructed. Packaged well and no problems except worrying about how to pack the buggy.


All fresh fruit & vegies, meat & bread were great quality. Although there was limited selection in some areas the range was sufficient for our needs.


Thanks for the great serrvice and the variety of meals


The quality of food was great, everything was fresh. Delivery to the port was great and packaging also good.


We love the provisioning you guys offer. Couldn't fault anything this time. The convenience, quality and ease with which the provisioning is supplied is superb.


This is the second time we have used your provisioning and were very happy again with the quality and quantity of the food.


All the food was well packed, fruit & vegies fresh and of good quality. Will happily use Whitsunday provisioning again.


This was completely hassle free, the produce was fresh, the food was all as described on the website, and the service was really good. Thanks.  


Great service and would not hesitate to recommend.


Was great. Only issue was lack of fridge space so had to cook up seafood first night. Obviously such a minor thing to mention but everything else was great. Quality and quantity were surprising better standard than we thought it would be. We ate like kings every meal with food to spare!


Thanks very much for your provisioning. It went very smoothly and was unanimously commented on as exceeding expectations.


Food was delicious and delivered on time


Wonderful service. Amazing array of fresh foods and condiments. Everything we could have possibly wanted and more. Thanks for a hassle free professional experience


Overall we were very happy. Quality good,packaging good. Fresh .


Very well done. We thought we would have far too much initially but really we just had plenty of everything.


The quality of the produce was fine and the price was what I thought reasonable given the delivery modes. Im sure you make many a happy sailor with the produce and service you provide.

The Karpouzis

Experience was great given my last minute ordering.


I’m a bit short on time guys but just wanted to say thanks for the great service! The cheeses were a particular highlight.


Wow what a great service and how easy was it to order all our food and drinks for our stay at Palm Bay Resort. we were so happy with the quality and freshness of all the goodies we chose


Very happy with both quality and quantity.


This service was so easy to use! I simply placed my order online and everything I had ordered was waiting in our room when we arrived. I would definitely recommend & not hesitate to use again.


We want to thank you for your provisioning service. The food, particularly produce, meat and bakery products are great quality. Everything packaged well & arrived on time. Katie was very friendly & helpful


Thank you for your prompt and delicious food delivery, starting with that tropical fruit platter! What a fantastic service you provide. This is the first time we have pre-ordered groceries for a holiday, and my whole family is so glad we had such a great start to our Airlie Beach holiday.


We could not fault the quality or quantity of the food that was supplied. We read all the reviews prior to placing our order & made the decision to order for 4 days even though we would be sailing for 5 days. This was a great decision as there was plenty of food. We will certainly use your service again on our next return & would recommend to anyone the great service you provide. Well done you have a quality business.

Raif and Zoe

Everything was great. The fruit was fresh and in great condition! Actually too much food!




The Portion Sizes were huge. I ordered lots of fruit, veg, meat and some of the cheeses that surprised me how big they were. Next time I'll slightly under-order quantities.


Thank you - will use again. Only improvement would be to have it delivered to the apartment.


Really great provisioning. Treats for everyone and all the basics. Special requirements well handled too. Well done!


excellent service - nothing was a problem.. Great quality great overall service. will be using service on our next visit.


I just wanted to say a very big Thank You:  the quality and volume of the food was absolutely amazing ! The fresh platters were a welcome delight in the humidity and I was able to plan simple and very healthy and tasty meals each day. I will recommend you to friends who are thinking of doing something similar.


The food provide was excellent. Delivery was timely and everything in top shape.


The guy I spoke to on the phone was very helpful and answered all my questions.


Everything was outstanding, great choice of foods, great quality and freshness, perfectly stored,


Excellent from start to finish. Food was great, eskys were clean and easily identifiable and there were no problems with arrival times from the ferry.


Great range of fruit, veggies, meat and and bread.


Firstly I would like to say that I am glad we took the time to order the food with you...even if my husband and I nearly had a divorce over the proceedings (!) I thought the delivery process in the polystyrene boxes, clearly marked and numbered was excellent. I also thought offering the meat frozen was also excellent, bearing in mind the limited fridge/freezer capacity on the boat.

Jason and Deanne

Very happy with our order, especially the quality.


There was more than enough with every meal.


Everything was perfect - thank you!

Paul and Kath

Great provisioning- probably more than we needed! Good choice of food- well delivered and re-stocked Very easy to deal with WP and would highly recommend them


I would just like to say Thank you for making our holiday to Hamilton Island so enjoyable . Your food delivery was fantastic so fresh and delicious


The only comment we have is there was too much food. We would definitely use you again if we charter another yacht.


Easy to order online. Seven day delivery, even on a public holiday. Only thing that might have been a help would have been delivery to the accommodation.


Brilliant! It was the most relaxed Christmas I have had in years! Very high quality food and plenty of it.


All provisions arrived on time & well packaged. The general quality of the products we received were very good. The portions/weight recommended via an email query were exact - in addition, we


Beautiful food. Efficient service. Great over the phone service. Perfectly packaged. Faultless service .


Have been bare boat chartering 6 times over a 30 year period. This was the first time we used a provisioning service "only way to go" Would not do it any other way - great work


All excellent