Easy Plan

Easy Plan Meals

Easy Plan Meals are suitable for those that would prefer to build their own meal plan. Simply choose the meals that appeal to you.

We offer you two Easy Plan Meal options:

  • Self Prepare
We provide you with all the ingredients of the meal, so you can prepare it just the way you like it.

  • Heat & Eat
If you want the simplicity of heating pre-prepared foods, with little to no preparation, then Heat & Eat is for you! The Whitsunday Provisioning Platters are the ultimate in simple eating at the start of your holiday.

Olive Oil is all you need to complete your meals, which can be purchased via our Kitchen/Staples section below.  

Diets & Allergies

We've noted if meals meet dietary/allergy requirements. Our codes are: DF - Dairy Free, GF - Gluten Free, NF - Nut Free, V - Vegetarian, VG - Vegan. 

At the bottom of this page you will see a Special Requests / Dietary advice box.  Please enter the dietiary/allergy requirements of your travelling party. 

Easy Plan Packs

  • Starter Packs

Our starter packs allow you to arrive at your holiday accomodation and avoid the grocery stores until after breakfast the next day. These aren’t suitable for those holidaying on a Bareboat.

  • Kitchen/Staples Packs

We offer a couple of alternatives for your holiday.  If you are on a Bareboat, please check with your Charter company to see if they provide these items.

Ordering Quantity

When ordering any of the Easy Plan Meals, the quantity box reflects the number of meals you require.
eg. if 2 people want a Continental breakfast, every day for 5 days, then enter 10 in the quantity box.

Via Supermarket you can add additional items to your meals.

Via Beverages you can add water, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Please note:  The Easy Plan Meals may vary to pictorial presentation used.

Kitchen / Galley Basics

Includes Garbage Bags - 6 pack, Rubber Gloves - 1 pair, Paper Towel - Single, Serviettes, Snaplock Bags-Large, Snaplock Bags-Small, Tissues


Kitchen / Galley Extras

Includes Aluminium Foil 10m, Plastic Wrap 30m, Green Scourer, Sponge, Soap Wrapped x 4 (small hotel type)


Olive Oil 250ml

Includes 1 x Olive Oil 250ml - for you to use when preparing your Easy Plan Meals


Olive Oil 500ml

Includes 1 x Olive Oil 500ml - for you to use when preparing your Easy Plan Meals


Toilet Paper - 1ply - Bareboats

Includes 1 x Marine Toilet Paper 1 ply - single roll


Toilet Paper - 3ply - Apartments (NOT for Bareboats)

Includes 1 x Quilton Toilet Paper 3 ply - 2 roll pack


Do you have any Special Requests / Dietary Advice?

1 x Diabetic + 1 x Gluten Free + 1 x Vegetarian.

Please enter your Special Requests / Dietary Advice into the box below