If you are looking for total control of your provisioning, and wish to work out your own holiday menu, you can choose your own items and quantities from our extensive Self Select product list.

If this is your first time catering for a boating holiday we do recommend one of our Packages or Easy Plan options, apart from the ease and convenience of placing the order, they have been designed to provide the perfect balance between appetizing meals, supplying the right quantities and accommodating different tastes, requirements and budgets. Remember boat galleys and apartments have very limited space. Fridges are small and cupboards are few, so you need to be smart with what you take and how you use it.

Tips for planning your own menu:

  1. Design a menu that shares many of the same base ingredients, but delivers very different tasting meals. That way you minimize the number of bottles and tins you take on board.
  2. Keep the menu simple so you don’t spend your holiday time in the galley trying to work wonders.
  3. Don’t take too much fresh or cold food as your fridge space will be limited and food left out will spoil in the heat.


If you are cruising for longer than 7 days and you choose the Self Select option, you will require a re-provision. Please submit two separate Self Select orders, one for the initial delivery and another for the re-provision. This will ensure a continuous supply of fresh meat and produce etc.

In our experience, Self Select shopping is a very useful option to top up with specific products, however, the packages and the Easy Plan provisioning options offer a foolproof and cost-effective method of to ensuring you enjoy fresh food for the whole holiday and that you don’t run out of anything half way through.