Please note:  The actual items may vary to pictorial presentation used.  

MAY CONTAIN: sesame seeds. Ingredients: chilli

Chilli Flakes, MasterFoods 23g


Ingredients: Garlic 96%, sugar, salt, acidity regulator (330)

Garlic Minced, Black & Gold 250g


MAY CONTAIN: sesame seeds. Ingredients: paprika

Paprika Ground, MasterFoods 35g


Ingredients: pepper

Pepper Coarse Milled, McKenzie's 50g


Pepper Cracked (Single Serve Sachets), ISM


Ingredients: poivre noir moulu

Pepper Ground, Saxa 50g (Picnic Size)


Ingredients: pepper

Peppercorns Whole, MasterFoods 120g


Salt Ground (Single Serve Sachets), ISM


Ingredients: natural sea salt, anti-caking agent (554)

Salt Ground, Saxa 125g (Picnic Size)


Seasoning - Cajun Hot, MasterFoods 35g


Seasoning - Lemon & Herb, MasterFoods 46g


Seasoning - Moroccan, MasterFoods 47g


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