Please note:  The actual items may vary to pictorial presentation used.  

Fillets - Atlantic Salmon (approx 200g serve)


Fillets - Barramundi (approx 250g serve)


Fillets - Hake (approx 200g serve)


Reef Fish variety will vary depending on availability, but generally is Coral Trout

Fillets - Reef Fillets (approx 200g serve)


Depending on the bug sizing you will get around 6 to 9 bugs per kg.

Seafood - Bugs (Cooked) (each)


Seafood - Calamari Tubes (Single)


Seafood - Lobster - Small (Cooked)


Seafood - Mud Crab (Cooked) (Locally Caught) (each)


CONTAINS: Fish. Ingredients: Tasmanian altantic salmon (salmo salar), salt.

Smoked Salmon Tasmanian Sliced 100g (pack)


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