Please note:  The actual items may vary to pictorial presentation used.  

An Info Box on each product allows you to confirm if the product meets your dietary requirements.


Party - Falafel Balls (each) [DF, GF, NF, V, VG]


Party - Mini Spring Rolls (each) [DF, V, VG]


Pizza - Margherita Vegetarian, McCains 500g


Tofu - Firm King Land 300g


Tofu - Kebabs (sold in packs of 2 skewers) [DF, GF, NF, V, VG]


Vegetarian - Bubble & Squeak Patties (each) [GF, NF, V, VG]


Vegetarian - Burgers (each) [DF, GF, NF, V, VG] (minimum order of 2)


Vegetarian - Lasagne (serves 1) [V]


Vegetarian - Sausages (Packet of 6) 300g [DF, V, VG]


Vegetarian - Schnitzel Crumbed (each) [V, VG] (minimum order of 2)


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1 x Diabetic + 1 x Gluten Free + 1 x Vegetarian.

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