Please note:  The actual items may vary to pictorial presentation used.  

Butter Portions, Lurpak (Single Serve) 8g


Butter Pure, Western Star 500g


Butter, Devondale (Spreadable) 375g


Butter, Devondale (Spreadable) 500g


Cream Cheese Light, Philadelphia 250g


Cream Thickened, Dairy Farmers 300ml


Olive Oil - Dairy Free Spread, Community Co 300g


Sour Cream Lite, Dairy Farmers 250g


Sour Cream, Black & Gold 300ml


Yoghurt - Cocobella (variety of flavours) 150g (single pot)


Yoghurt - Fruit Lite (variety of flavours) 1kg


Yoghurt - Fruit or Vanilla (variety of flavours) 160g (single pot)


Yoghurt - Greek Style, Farmers Union 160g


Yoghurt - Greek style, Farmers Union 1kg


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